Art in Ruins

Street art speaks to locals in Mostar

A photo essay by Bruno Stojčić and Asja Čelebić


I live near the old bank, so I’m kind of used to seeing graffiti all the time. Anyway, I really like it and I also support these young people that want to express their emotions and thoughts through this type of art. There are a lot of people inspired by their talent and I am definitely one of them.

– Andrea, 44


Street arts is a very important aspect of our city. I would love to see more and more murals because they can make ruins and the whole city alive. We should all pay more attention on the art around us and invest more in our street art culture.

– Omar, 31


In any case I would like to see more murals in Mostar, but the ones that are artistic and not acts of vandalism. I can’t say which one I like to most but I remember that I have seen many humorous ones.

– Ivica, 66


I mostly notice graffiti. I would like to see more of them in Mostar, but the artistic ones and not those provoking and rude ones that vandalize our city. Also, street arts in Mostar should be supported by various organizations. My favourite mural is on the top of the old bank that has been made by my friend recently.

– Husein, 23


I think that graffiti is really interesting and the city needs this kind of refreshment. The street art also attracts tourists and shows them that youth can have some really good ideas.

– Karla, 14


I really like murals and graffiti in Mostar. I think that they make city prettier and brighter. One of my favourite ones is the one next to gymnasia, the one with Japanese or Chinese letters.

– Ivona, 19


I really like artistic murals around the city. My favourite one is the space/alien blue girl on the bottom of the old bank.

– Ajla, 19


Murals are making our city more beautiful, and they deliver this positive and special message in youth community. That is something that we truly need. They transform ruins in beauty and art in a very special way. My favourite graffiti is a ying- yang tree on the Old Bank because it has very deep and important meaning for me.

– Marija, 18

This photo essay was created by participants of the Mostar Summer Youth Programme, as part of the Multimedia Storytelling course.


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