Mostar: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

An intimate look at Mostar’s past, present and future through the eyes of three generations

By Ana Perić & Jordi Biarnes Belso


Talking about the living conditions, they were very bad. We didn’t know which country we were fighting for. I had to leave my family and my home. I had to go all by myself to fight.

– Viktor


I don’t see myself here in the future. It is not because of the people nor because of the war, it’s just the opportunities that I don’t have in this country because of politics and everything. My advice to other young people is just to stay here if they think they have a future here, but to be prepared to work hard.

– Bruno


When war broke out I was seven. War left a really horrible trail on me. It has left me with bad mental images. I saw my sister lying in her blood, I will never forget it. I was raped and humiliated.

– Emina


War in Mostar, that’s a broad topic. Kids back then used to eat together, drink together and play together. They shared everything they had. But during the war, they were forced to shoot each other. I think they didn’t know why. Fear and panic ruled the city. Everyone wanted to save their head and tried not to think of what was going to happen afterwards.

– SnjeŽana


War changed everything in this area. From war to the present time, everything has been disrupted. By that I mean youth’s lives are ruined. You go abroad, you let the old people wonder, all of us in this country. You need to be provided a push to lead this country and not this government that made a total mess. I mean ever since the war nothing has been done right. We should be realistic and responsible for this. We are all citizens of this country. It’s not important who is a part of which religion, which nation or anything else, we all need to fight together to accomplish goals for the youth because the youth is the only future of all of this.

– Muarem


I don’t like to recall that stage of my life. Unfortunately it happened when I was at my best age, but all generations even those who came later had a rough time. Political situation was leading to the war but I didn’t expect it to be so brutal. Everyone in BiH knows it especially in Mostar. On many places the war has left it’s bloody trail, but it could never ruined my comprehension that we are all the same. It has even intensified in some ways. It’s a general realization that war is evil. We have to fight with our energy that it never happens again. All around the world, if you touch any part of history, war is part of us. Human kind can’t exist without war. We all have to be against the war and know that war has only one side. And that side is evil, there is no other side.

– Robert


When you’re growing up you are trying to find your identity and sometimes that can be tough. The people around you sometimes are insecure and they project it on you. They can be mean, I guess it usually gets better so I would say to the youth just try and find people that are good to you.

– Paula


I look at it from a very egocentric perspective because I want to develop myself, but in doing so I think that I will inevitably come in contact with Bosnian society and perhaps dealing with some issue. I don’t have any specific wish where I want to go, I just want to develop myself personally and have the life that I want where it leads me.

– Nikola


War has ruined my life. It was hard to live in those conditions. Even though I had my family beside me all the time, it was hard. War broke out when I was at my best age.

– Mirsad


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