Stories from Mostar series

Stories from Mostar is a multimedia storytelling course where MSYP youth collaborate in diverse forms of media to share the narratives of their communities. Students produced multimedia stories using mediums such as documentary photography, film, narrative text and audio recordings. MSYP students explored stories ranging from street art in Mostar to documenting memories of the war.


“There are many sad stories about people in Mostar, and they should be told, but sometimes we forget how many beautiful people surround us. There are plenty of stories about friendship and love that overcome all the negative effects the war brought us. I think it is important to tell the story about the changes in Mostar that happened after the war, all changes- the good and the bad.”

– MSYP Stories of Mostar Student

Take a look below to view Stories from Mostar.

Photo Essays

Mostar: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

An intimate look at Mostar’s past, present and future through the eyes of three generations

By Ana Perić & Jordi Biarnes Belso

Art in Ruins

Street art speaks to locals in Mostar

By Bruno Stojcic and Asja Celebic

Video Essays

Independent Republic of Ortiješ

By Tomislav Perić

Our Memories, Part I

By Armin Hadrović

Diving into Mostar

By Ajdina Aličić, Iva Kresić, Mirna Kolečić and Jelena Pehar

War Stories

By Josip Barisić

Our Memories, Part II

By Armin Hadrović

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