Celebration of International Student’s Day in Mostar

It is very important to celebrate International Student’s Day which is celebrated on 17th November. I find out that many teens don’t know the importance and historical value of this date.

It all started at the University of Prague in 1939 after Nazi forces had killed Jan Opletat, a student, and his professor Vaclav Sedlaček. However, all students and and workers from the University of Prague protested against Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Nazi answered by killing 9 students and sending 1200 of them to concentration camps where they were killed.

Nowadays, this date is celebrated in almost every part on the Earth bringing youth from different communities together. This date has been celebrated since 2009 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is not far away in this story. Thanks to a Student Council Network in BiH (MreSVUBiH) high school students celebrated their day together. The event was hold at Mepas Mall where all students took part in organizing and participating. Students were representing their schools in the different activities such as quiz and games. They were included during a whole programme. A quiz included different topics such as literature, geography, history, music, sport and filmography. It was a great way to learn new things together with lots of joy and happiness.

All students were celebrating it together at the same place, doing same things and sharing positive vibes which are necessary for the future of our city. The crucial thing is that we as a society need to recognize high school students as a resource and not as a problem that needs to be solved. By doing that together we will bring a brighter tomorrow for ourselves.

– Habiba Ačkar




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