I never expected it to happen to me.
Couldn’t even find words to explain it.
Always thought it was a plain and naive joke
Imposed by incurable fools.

I remember that night my soul was taken to the ninth sky.
I remember feeling loved, surrounded by the warmth of your arms.
That night I smiled sincerely, I found stars not only on the sky.
Wordlessly, you taught me what love is.

Since I can remember I was always surrounded by people.
Never alone, but always feeling lonely.
That small, purple ribbon you considered to be worthless when giving it to me
Showed me how much small, seemingly unworthy things can be precious.

I remember avoiding your look when you found me like most precious person.
Like proud fool, I pretended you were just an unneeded obstacle.
I remember you being there even after I told you words I did not mean.
Wordlessly, you showed me love is not a foolish thing I thought it was.

Wordlessly, you taught me to love you unconditionally.
Wordlessly, you made me feel like the most loved person.
Wordlessly, you stayed by my side and were my other half.
Wordlessly, we were bonded forever.


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