Bringing art to justice

Art is the new form of protest. It’s the type of resistance that resorts to peaceful, beautiful means of expression. Words, pictures, even stickers on road signs- all of them are reflecting the discontent of the everyday young citizen. Maybe we see them sometimes as superficial, resorting no meaning, having no purpose, being just vandalizations of the public buildings, when they are, in fact, the cry of a future society, revolting in the most simple way possible.

Here are some I found on the streets of Mostar:

“Delete the elite”
“Ovdje religija nema nikakva veze sa bogom” / “Here religion has nothing to do with God”
“Rođeni u BiH” / “Born in BiH”
“How to control sheep? Let them vote”
“Sve je gladno ali oči su slijepe. Najedi se pravde I pogledaj u zemlju. Tek sit usudi se pogledati u nebo” / “All hungry, but the eyes are blind. Eat justice and see the country. Only dare to sit to look at the sky”
“Istina za Vedrana!” / “Justice for Vedran” – the call for justice in the case of Vedran Puljić, the supporter of NK Široki Brijeg killed on 4 October 2009
“Kill a fascist for world peace”
“Antifašistička Akcija” / “Anti- fascist Action”
“We are all living under the same sky”


There might be out there splendid graffiti- true pieces of art that took hours and hours to make and with which people take pictures with and eagerly post them online, for everybody to see beauty. While all graffiti is remarkable, the true greatness of them all is in the meaning and in the force for change each of them has. True messages rarely come from the choice of colors or outstanding skill of the artist, they simply come from hearts trying to appeal to other hearts and together fight for a better future.


– Ariana


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