The travelling Haggadah exhibition

The Sarajevo Haggadah is a monumental historic piece kept within the halls of the National museum in Sarajevo. It is the oldest piece illustrated manuscript of the Sephardic Haggadahs in the World. The story of how this legendary pieces of text found its way to Sarajevo and even survived World War II is thrilling. Furthermore, the piece originated in Barcelona around 1350 and first appeared in Sarajevo in 1894 and was bought by Joseph Kohen. During WW II it was taken to the industrial city of Zenica where it was hidden under the floorboards by Muslims. Later on, it found its way back to Sarajevo and even survived the war in the 90s.


Currently, images and historic accounts of this work are being displayed in the halls of the Gymnasium next to the Spanish square in Mostar. The exhibition was made by the students from the IB school in Banja Luka. The collection is currently making a tour around Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was opened in Mostar on the 21st of April and closes on the 5th of May. It is not too late to take a look at these pieces as they are quite aesthetic and have interesting information written on them.


The exhibitions is called “The human face of the Sarajevo Haggadah and the universal message of its story”. It is meant to travel  through most of the cities in BiH and share and show the rich history of the work and its dazzling illustrations. The work was made with the association “Benevolentia” alongside the youth in Banja Luka. It consists from seven posters that are scattered on the third floor of the gymnasium building. This is a great example of how peer to peer education can be expressed and even reach the popularity of being exposed all around the country. A generally motivating thought that there are people out there willing to take in our ideas.

– Miron Banjac





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