Object Biographies

The following artwork was made by the students who attended MSYP course ”Narrating Your City” that was lead by Aida. The course focused on interactive narrating of Mostar, a city of world heritage that also encompasses the daily activities of thousands of people; where they live, talk, and interact.


Applications for MSYP 2017 will close on Friday 2 June 2017.

Online application form: http://mostarsyp.org/msyp-participant-application-form

Good luck!





“The look of the building is really interesting. At the same time it is so simple and so complicated. It looks like a box with windows and I like it… Theater is the biggest cultural center in Mostar, so I hope that it won’t fall apart. ” – Amar



“MSYP workshops take place in the building of Mostar Grammar School. For me, it is a place for learning and making new friends. I cannot wait next year to be here again!” – Laura



“Until the age of 6 I always thought that Basilica was a playground. Me and all the kids from the street used to play there all the time. I remember when a TV company came to film something about Basilica, but we didn’t understand why they were so interested in old rocks and why are they filming our playground. What I remember the most are injuries from my occasional falls from the walls of Basilica.” – Nikolina



“It was the most famous supermarket in Mostar…On the right there was a record and VHS tape store.” – Najla



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