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lana-ex-yuth2I’m Lana! I was born in New Jersey, but at the tender age of three, I moved to Mostar. You’re probably thinking: “Lana, why would you move here?” My answer is simple; three year olds don’t get to make their own decisions. Next question: “Why B&H?” My father is originally from Mostar and, having married my Jamaican mother, he took us all here.

I grew up looking different. Thankfully, I never faced any negativity, but a universal acceptance. People were amazed by my curly hair and wondered how I could get a tan in December. Having a melting pot of multiculturalism at home helped me to be respectful of others.

In my free time, I train track and field, volunteer at Red Cross and am a member of Budi Muško Klub, a local NGO.

15175518_224517247977032_286142836_nHi! I’m Nikolina, or just Lina, I’m 17 years old and I’m junior in high school. I like music (pop, k-pop, punk, soul, R’n’B…), books (mostly YA), TV shows (and I have special talent of watching shows with over 7 seasons in 3 weeks), YouTubers (top 3: Lilly Singh, Eva Gutowski and Sophie Foster) and journaling. I spend too much time on the internet and eat what some people say is ‘too much chocolate’.

I’m also quite sarcastic and I’m very bad at cooking (but luckly very good at eating). I have an obssesion with unicorns and taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises.

MSYP brought me so much joy and happiness and I would like for this blog to be a little corner where everybody feels happy and comfortable.


Hey, my name is Amar. I am going to Gimnazija Mostar, I love music, theatre and drawing and I am huge fan of Indie rock and falcons 😀